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Kind words from great people

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"With Cindy's vast working experiences she is hands-down one of the most helpful UX Coordinator/ Program Manager professionals I've ever had the pleasure to work with. During our time at Snap Finance, we partnered very closely across a number of high priority, complex, new business efforts. She is highly dedicated to her craft and works diligently to build relationships. I would absolutely recommend Cindy for any team and hope our paths cross again in the future."

Ellen Donovan 

Director of User Experience, Snap Finance

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"Cindy is a talented UX designer. She is skilled at discovery techniques with customers and team members in order to determine the correct product requirements. She is not afraid to learn new technologies or to gain new skills. She is capable of working in an agile environment and is independent and self-motivated. She would be a great asset to any organization."

Mark Ah Mu

Director, Quality Assurance at Ivanti

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"Cindy Ross is a self-starter with a passion for learning new applications, methodologies, and tools that can help her develop user experiences and manage project deliverables. I hired Cindy as a User Experience designer for Ivanti, where she worked for 2+ years, focusing on the mac client for the Ivanti Systems Management software. Cindy worked hard on every task she was given and often volunteered to help pick up the slack in some of the more mundane areas. This is where Cindy became very good at time and resource management, a task many designers leave to chance. She works within the constraints of the organization and keeps in mind the company's bottom line."

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