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Medical Professional

iOS Design

File Director

A Solution for Medical Professionals. We took an existing product, File Director for Windows, and developed an iPad application

iOS Design: Welcome

Project Overview

Creating software for Apple Devices. 

We took an existing product, File Director for Windows, and developed an iPad application. Our job, as the Mac Team, was to substitute, combine, and modify applications. The mac team was the service team for windows applications. My job was to create an Apple Experience within our brand.

iOS Design: Bio


The medical professional in a clinical setting.

Highly skilled in their field. This user does not specialize in technology, so the interface needs to be adapted for this environment. Items need to be visible and available quickly.  Things need to work.


Desired outcome

Bulk downloads so users can see secure documents in the operating room.

There was no way to run out of the operating room to get a wifi signal, so we needed to make the files secure and available with admin privileges.


Adapting and Modifying

The windows file director was not mobile. Therefore the users could not see the documents when they needed it.

Created a mobile app that will give the user the ability to see progress expand, and image or document. All within a secure file system.

Idea_AppleSchool – 3.png

My Role

User interface and Experience Design

Asking questions, Ideation + Validation, User journey, storyboarding, creating Wireframes,
testing, researched, and final prototype



What metrics will we track

We came up with a baseline number to measure against after testing. 

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