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Apple Device Management

UX Mac Team MDM for UEM Feature overview.

This is a project overview, not a case study. I will provide the problem, persona, and solution. Seeing a product take shape from Ideation to delivery is a blast. This is one feature of an overarching product vision.

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The Problem

Connecting Devices

The operating system vendors dictate managing devices. We try to create a facade that hides these differences, for the most part, making tweaks to an outdated interface.
The Mac team supports all things mac. Because we mirror our windows solution, we lose sight of the needs of our Mac users.

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Device Management for Apple Devices.

Our goal is to create a solution that gives the IT Analyst the ability to monitor, manage, and secure employees' devices in the workplace from any location.



 Systems Admins 

The systems admin needs to get apple devices into their environment and secure them.

Possible Solution

Create an environment for the system admin to manage devices from one application.

Requirements: As a user, I want to save time and money by using one solution for Apple device management.


How is this done today?

The user is doing this in EPM but more often with competitors’ solutions or a combination of EPM and competitors.

What about our solution is causing the Specialist to go to other solutions?

My Role

UI/UX I was the UX Engineer on a two-pizza team

I conducted storyboard workshops and monitored user testing with the project manager.

  • I created wireframes and sketches from ideation to validation.

  • Worked with the developers and PM to create the User Journey 

  • Created the prototypes and final designs.



This is not a facelift

Our focus is on EPM workflows. We need to understand the current flow for EMP on-premises MDM for automatic and manual enrollment, software distribution, configuration profiles, locking and wiping, devices, etc. Figure out how to make the experience better substantially.

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